Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

Why, oh why?

“It was a particularly good evening to begin a book.”

~ Tove Jansson

And that's exactly what I did yesterday evening :)
Today I was very glad when I was able to sit down in the afternoon with my book, french press and something sweet to nibble on while reading the next few chapters.
I began this horrible day by taking a nasty fall when I was going to help Daníel scrape the snow and ice off our car.  Happened on the same spot as last Friday...why do I never learn? :(
Work was very busy and then on my way home I decided to go and get us some new and better ice scrapers.  Four shops later I headed home with two not-so-bad-but-not-really-good-enough scrapers and I was really pissed off...I mean, we live in Iceland!  Why in the world do shops here in Akureyri not have loads and loads of good ice-equipment to sell in January???  Unbelievable! 
Stopped by at the town hall and got a bucket full of sand to spread over the icy spots around our parking lot.
When I was home and things had calmed down I began to really notice how badly I had hurt myself this morning.  I've got a big bump and a large bruise on my thigh, my right shoulder and neck are aching and it actually hurts all the way up to my cheek...
My face looks probably just like Momminmamma's on the coffee-cup.  Not a happy face, I can tell you.
I very much hate living in Iceland.

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