Derelict Thursday - Old Mill

History is vague concerning the 'TheOld Mill' as its affectionately known round the town. It is incorrectly labelled with a sign calling it 'Old Mill' as it started out as a single story grain store possibly round 1932 or even earlier. The Tutton family business had moved from the sale yards to Edward Street and Mr A J Tutton added height to this grain store before importing machinery from Australia and commencing milling.
It was a traditional industry surviving the depression years but by the outbreak of war in 1939, Tutton's flour mill, Luisetti's Grain and Seed Merchants, Cam Dairy Factory, Archer's Flourmill, a small mill at the Southbrook railway station and one or two small engineering workshops were all that remained of Rangiora's industrial past.
While other buildings in this small farming town have been demolished or closed for earthquake strengthing, the old rustic iron grain store hangs on with its battered and worn elements which mother nature has thrown at it. With broken windows, grass growing in the spouting and its naturally made air con, it is home to mainly pigeons who sit and coo along the roofline.
Back in 2013 I've noted it was used for storage but I don't think I'd want anything stored in this old rustic shed possibly past its use-by date.

This shot was taken early this morning when it was grey, this afternoon the sun has shone, its warm with lots of white clouds and a light breeze.
Groceries with mum but now its her turn to have computer issues, she may pop round in the next few days to load her blip from my computer but says a warm Hi to you all :)

I'm struggling to get my blips up at present and always seem to be in a muddle. I take many photos throughout the day but time just seems to flyby. Warm thanks to all who stop by I always appreciate your stars and hearts and thoroughly enjoy reading your delightful comments. Thanks so much for not passing on by, you make my day as I have a quick read before turning the light out. I'm hoping things will settle down and some sort of routine will soon be in order, in the meantime keep well blippers :)

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