Hay ho

Astonishingly, I managed to get up and out to door an hour earlier than usual to meet my friend in Dulwich on the bicycle. She followed me on my regular route and I remembered to check that she was behind me at all the junctions. We got to The Strand in good time and I was early for work! I did forget my pass, though, so I wasn't completely organised. I was still let into the building.

The cycle home was a little dreich and I was a little late for the first Feast meeting of the year. There were four new volunteers there. Yay! It's always lovely to see new faces. Plans are afoot for Feast 2015. The first market day in April will be with us in no time at all.

Fred and I watched I'm Still Here, which we found hilarious. I wasn't sure throughout whether Joaquin Phoenix was playing a part and everyone knew or whether no one knew. Imdb says he lived the character for two years and some people really thought it was his real self. Oh dear. Hip-hop Joaquin was embarrassingly awful.

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