Muttley's Musings

By RuralDave

Three Trees

I took a walk around the fields at Peckleton before heading off to the supermarket this morning. I liked these three trees and the clouds behind them.

Last night I went to a 3 way Photo Club competition. It was a very enjoyable evening and it was a new format for me. One club would project an image and the other two clubs then had to choose and project an image which matches the original image. A judge would then decide which one was the best match and award points based on the level of matching, and then a second score was awarded for the quality of the image. There was quite a range of images, some were quite bizarre. There was also some much good natured heckling of the judge. In the end our club actually won.

Many thanks for the nice comments and stars for my awards blip from yesterday. They are much appreciated and yes, I'm still grinning!

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