Cornish Sunset

It's one of those days when I am really spoilt for choice on what to Blip.

It started at 7am when I went out to the cows - cow number 472 licked my hand!!!!! So gorgeous and so gentle. They are so friendly and I got some brilliant photos.

Then we headed on a mammoth walk to Widemouth Bay where I got chatting to a hunky Oz lifeguard.......lots of fab lifeguard beach photos there.

And finally, tonight, we went to Trebarwith Strand. I have taken 100 photos and I love them all - not exactly hard to get a great shot there, I must admit. We had dinner and then me and Mum walked up the cliff side, the sun was coming through the clouds and the reflection on the water was simply stunning. I could have honestly stayed there all night, so serene and calm. I will never get bored of this view. If I am still Blipping when we move down then I dont think I will Blip anything except this view!

Anyway, we are home now and having a glass of wine just for a change. We have just been on Facetime with my brother who has collected his latest addition to the 8 week old English Sheep dog. He is beautiful (the dog not my brother!). Any guess what tomorrow's Blip will be......?

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