Views of my world

By rosamund


Had a lovely day today with friends and family.

Started with an early coffee with Fiona (aka Appreciate), followed by a brief visit to Onceasheep.

By the time I got home the family were all getting ready to go out to Carlos' nephew's first communion. For the first time in history we all got ready and out the door on time and without a hitch so in future I will go out for coffee and leave them to it, arriving home just in time to get my self ready and get us all out.

Almost all the Rodriguezes were in attendance and it was a really lovely day.

Carlos is Tom's godfather and as you can see, always sets a good example for him. If I get permission I'll swap the image later for one of both Carlos and Rico being 'super fly', much to Freya's annoyance.

Thanks Rico for sharing, I love this photo of my husband and his big brother.

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