Middle ....

..... shelf of the dresser.
Officially the most depressing day of the year (Northern Hemisphere) and it's cold and wet and gloomy. Seemed a good day for a bit of mono and I've finally the remembered MonoMonday challenge. So here is a glimpse of the dresser, an essential and traditional item of furniture in all Irish kitchens. Mine, sadly, doesn't have hens underneath it which was de riguer a few decades back. There could be a few unsavoury things lurking underneath though. Let's not go there.
I was nearly very cheeky indeed. Himself had set up a photoshoot in the conservatory - highly complex and technical - and while he was out doing something I nipped in and took advantage !! 
I'm braving the weather and venturing Oates like out to Bantry tonight for a talk on Ballaun stones. It doesn't  get more riveting than that! What are ballaun stones you inquire  - all is revealed

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