Journey Through Time

By Sue

One Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Images

(This should have been yesterday's blip, but....out and about with my aunt, errands, just didn't happen.  So...postponed it until today.)

What better way to celebrate 1,460 images than with some of our backyard birds that entertain Bill and I daily.  Or almost daily.  It is a mild day which I hoped would be clear but sometimes mild winter days means that the fog is slow to move out.  Bill is working at the garden nursery again today, I decided not to go anywhere for a blip and thought maybe focusing (0h, a pun!) on our birds would be appropriate since you've certainly seen enough of them over the course of my over four years on Blipfoto.  

There is a reason they are called backyard birds.  They will come to feeders and water fountains and will get used to humans wandering around. Top left we have the Bewick's Wren, then the Golden-crowned Sparrow; the Spotted Towhee; one of my favorite models, the Song Sparrow; the Junco; the Ruby-crowned Kinglet; the speedy little Nuthatch, which reminds me of tiny fighter jets;  a surprise visit from the Fox Sparrow (not as common in our yard) and finally, I located the Anna's Hummingbird since I was hearing a constant chipping sound.  

My Journey Through Time has taken over four years, having passed the anniversary of joining Blipfoto last November.  Some of you have been absolutely steadfast in your daily blip, but I have found that I am not as creative as some of you nor am I located in a place that gives me a lot of  opportunity for interesting images.  I whine repeatedly that the most boring place to live, photography wise, is in the suburbs. Housing developments and strip malls...oh yes, some fun there! ha  Inner city living is chock full of inspiration as are country scenes.  I know because I've seen your fantastic city views as well as breathtaking country landscapes.  I've seen the UK and Ireland through your eyes, and Finland, and New Zealand and Australia, Indonesia and China.  I have so many places you have inspired me to visit when I win the BIG LOTTERY that I can't possibly live long enough to see them all.  You took me with you on your travels and I've seen India and Indonesia, South America, SE Asia, Canada.  You've shared your loves, your losses, your ups your downs, your pets, your kids, your grandkids (and believe me, if I wanted pets or had a grandchild, you would be INUNDATED with photos). And bugs!  I've seen the most fantastic insects, and have a new found respect for the little critters. And birds!  Lots of wonderful birds all over the world.  I've seen the most marvelous images and I gotta say, there is a lot of talented, artistic people on this site.  More than once I thought I could fill an art gallery with these photos.  

So, thank you Blipfoto.  Thanks to the folks in Blip Central for running a successful little business here.  Good job, kids.  

Thank you to the folks who visit me.  I have been just awful at getting around to everyone lately.  My apologies.

So from my little corner of the world in the Great Pacific Northwest of the United States of America,  thank you, thank you.  You guys are great and are really, really nice people.    Hug and a kiss from me.

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