Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Oh, so close....

But not quite.  I am determined to get shots of an osprey just at it emerges from the water with a fish.  And I was sooooo close today.  If only that darned alligator hadn't diverted my attention.  As it was, I heard the splash, swung the lens around and managed to get off a dozen shots just as the osprey had cleared the water by a foot or so.  In this shot, you can still see the droplets of water behind the fish.  

I decided to go to Largo Central Park Nature Preserve this morning - it's only about 5 miles away and always seems to have lots to see.  Aside from the aforementioned alligator (the first I've seen at this park), I also saw the "usual" assortment of wading and songbirds.  Also saw a group of about 10 American robins fly overhead - first I've seen here in FL.  

If you'd like to see 10 other shots from today, including three others of the osprey, click HERE.  And I've also posted a 24-second video of a wood stork fishing HERE on YouTube

I shall be trying to catch up over the next few days.  And preparing to make another big announcement later this week...  


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