By FlyingPRGal

Thoughtful Tuesday

This morning when I took this photograph the sun was shining and the castle grounds looked so beautiful.

I found time early afternoon to escape my desk and came across a cute pair of breeding black swans guarding their nest down by the Cascade waterfall. They were calling each other and I giggled as it sounded like cartoon car horns.

A peacock and whooper swan wandered up to me while I stood watching the swans nesting.

It is nice to take time out with nature for a few minutes every day to escape the emails and phone calls. I vowed to continue to walk in the grounds of the castle once I return to freelancing in three weeks' time and try and get outside every day if possible.

It's a great way to reflect on daily stresses and take some exercise. As I'm about to embark on this change in my career it's the little escapes that make it less of a burden.

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