By Knottman2

Historic Fingerposts

The old County of Westmorland erected 139 numbered cast iron Fingerposts between 1894 and 1905. They were made by Joseph Bowerbank at the Victoria Foundry in Penrith.

About 30 remain in existence today. Of these two, numbers 5 and 6, were erected in 1897 in Arnside and the neighbouring village of Storth. The cost of making and erecting each was £2. And 7 pence. Just think about that.

Cumbria County Council has no money to spare to maintain these historic posts. But last year funds were raised from Societies and individual which led to the restoration of post No.6 in Storth (main picture). Now I am delighted to report, two local Trusts, both involved in conservation, have succeeded in raising the sum of about £1500 which will allow for the restoration of post No. 5 which is in Arnside. A skilled craftsman who is nationally known for such work will remove the post and put it back to its original condition over the coming months.
Another victory for local initiative and generosity.

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