By yvonne_courtine

Catch the stars

We had another snowfall today, which was quite heavy at times, and Casper the kitten was transfixed by it.  From my seat at the kitchen table I saw into the lounge where he was on the windowsill watching that strange white stuff fall from the sky.  Every once in a while a snowflake would land on the window and Casper would try to catch it.  So sweet.  
He does not seem to be missing Flora, but was only here for a few weeks before she went missing.  Still no news, I'm afraid.  We put more missing posters in letter boxes in Aberaeron today, and asked around, but without luck.

I am glad that the snow did not stay long on the ground, but we may get some more overnight or tomorrow.  I wish the wind would die down - it is so strong and so cold.

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