Frozen In Time

It seems to take only one day away from the office to return me to my normal energetic self. It's been a rather wonderful day. I feel a bit of burn in the legs from a good cycle ride, a glow in the face from the cold wind, and the creative juices have been flowing, almost as if some kind of dam burst today. I think adrenaline might have fuelled that to some extent.

In the hunt for the photograph you see here, taken near the little hamlet of Thorpe, just beyond Burnsall, I encountered some very icy stretches of road. When riding downhill over ice the secret is not to brake, but just keep your speed and a very straight line. There was no real danger, but the shot of adrenaline I received anyway gave me a huge boost on the way home, aided by a pretty brisk north-westerly wind. I felt like I was flying along, back to firing on all cylinders again! It served to remind me how much I love to get out on the bike. And also how much I do still enjoy finding a new landscape composition.

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