Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Luke in Morzine

We have had a lazy Sunday - we woke up late, in fact very late for us but I guess we were tired. Gavin is certainly tired after his whirl wind travelling last week.

Gavin offered to cook lunch so I gave him the recipe and all the ingredients and showed him how to make it - it was a Diana Henry recipe of Spanish pork and rice, essentially a type of paella. He did very well and just as we sat down to eat, Luke 'facetimed' us. It was amazing, the family had an hour long chat with Luke on the ipad while we ate lunch, and it was as if he was with us at the kitchen table, although of course he missed out on eating the actual lunch. He showed us his room in his lodgings in Morzine, and all the snow outside his window, and we showed him the progress so far with the bathroom refurbishments - isn't technology amazing?

Luke then sent this photo to me that someone took of him skiing in all the powder there, and although it is of a poor quality and I never took it, I wanted a record of this in my journal.

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