Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Pest Control...

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather (sniffles, sore throat, meh).  After a nice long chat with my parents, I decided to head over to the Largo Nature Preserve (site of part of yesterday's blip-meet) and take a walk ... with Big Daddy, of course.  It was lovely out and, as usual, I saw plenty of interesting things along the path.  

I selected this shot because you can clearly see that the bird has nabbed quite a large spider and is about to eat it.  Not that I necessarily wish death on the spider, but it's pretty cool to see something like this!  To get this shot, I crouched in the grass next to the canal for about 45 minutes, watching and clicking.  When I started, the Little Blue Heron (immature, hence the lack of blue) was nearly invisible in the tall grass; I knew if I waited patiently, he'd eventually come out into the open...and he did.  

I posted five other pics starting HERE with the LBH tossing back a bug.  Also an adult LBH, a clam-eating limpkin and a wet grebe.  Second photo is the day's funniest and would be my second choice for a blip.  

Hubs is in charge of dinner tonight ... as for me, I think I'll tuck in for a little nap, see if I can shake the sniffles.  I have a busy week ahead and no time for colds!  There are birds to be photographed and boxes to be packed...


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