By Samuel_Hale

Rupert Blackpaw

Is what I decided to call this mysterious cat!

Apparently cats help relief stress and lower blood pressure; which is just what I needed. As if by some miracle, this guy came wondering into the pub completely out of the blue. He jumped up on the sofa next to me and curled up, purring away.

As I started closing the pub, Rupert followed me around everywhere meowing. I assumed he was hungry so I steamed a chicken breast for him and cut it up into little pieces. He went through it in seconds! He then stayed by my ankles while I finished closing down and finishing up my shift at work.

I didn't have the heart to turf him out in the horrendous wind, rain and hail so I let him upstairs. Wedging my door open and putting some water down I gave him the choice to escape out the window in the hall, sleep in the hallway, or curl up in my room. He went straight for the bed! I sorted a few bits out and put a film on and had Rupert - the mystery cat - fast asleep next to me. Everytime I stroked him he'd pur heavily and roll over slightly. I eventually fell asleep. Waking up to Rupert scratching on the door, I let him out and off he went.

It's strange how something like that can completely up lift a rubbish week. Hopefully I'll see him again!

Funnily enough- this isn't the first time this has happened. I had a very similar thing with a cat called Whiskers (the name on the collar). I couldn't get hold of the owner as it was around 1am when he found shelter at Offshore. The owner of whiskers collected him from the pub the next day and have me a fresh baked brownie!

Four hours now and I'll be off in the car heading for the airport. Stay tuned for my first Iceland blip!

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