Looking up

On this sunny sunday afternoon we went together for a modest and hopefully healthy walk. It would be W's first time outside again since a week. Heavily dressed and in good mood we choose for the Southwest riverside route. Not unknown to the reader of this journal. It is all that simple. Climbing a bit up and then carefully following down the narrow path alongside the brook.

The brook is splashing its full waters down through the Friedensthal - Peacevalley. There most time you look down.Following where to put your feet. Watch the stones, the icy passage, the slippery leaves, a wobbly piece of wood. Perhaps that glimpse of light reflecting in the falling waters. Especially on the way down to the river, I seldom bend my neck. To look up between the high reaching tree branches. What could there be to see? A tree. Another tree. And that glaring sunlight in between…

But sometimes, you ask from where the light is coming into a dark valley. You might find a position which shelters for the direct flashing in of sunlight. Don’t tumble from your track. And remind, you were walking together. So, come on now, carefully on this slippery slope. She is waiting down at the riverside. The sun is lowering already. Don’t spoil our sunday afternoon.

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