creative lenna

By creativelenna

dogs and cats

Can't they all just get along?!

; 0 )

Our dog Asia is almost 14 years old and kitten Lightning is about 8 months. Here they are hanging out this afternoon on the lanai - that's Florida-speak for a screened-in porch and the closest Lightning ever gets to going outside. He is an indoor cat who will stay that way as I've lost too many cats in my past unnecessarily by letting them outside. He even has a jungle gym out there! He loves listening to all the noises (birds) and watching the lizards through the screen. 

Lightning has his own door from inside the house to the lanai. Funny thing is that Asia is small enough to go through the cat door too!!  So here they are out on the lanai and as you can see, the kitten is almost as big as Asia now, sheesh! I have a few more photos from their afternoon modeling session here ; o )  

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