'First Night Back at Cubs'

Tonight Cub's started again for this year, so I had all of about 15 minutes after arriving home to get changed throw down a quick dinner and hit the road to get Dylan there on time (well almost on time). Also Bella lost her first baby tooth tonight, with a little gentle help from MsMun. Wonder if the tooth fairy will visit tonight?

Stayed around to watch their first activity which was to jump the rope with the big knot it the end of it while Akela was swinging it around it a circle. Last man standing without being his was the winner.

Then I left Cubs and drove around to the library carpark and got the camera out. There was a huge flock of Corrella's being noisy as usual and showing off, then down at the overhead train tracks above the old timber bridge watched this beautiful sunset. There were lots of rabbits running around and Corella's squarking.

Back to pick up Dylan and then home by 9:20pm.

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