Autumn Lake

Quiet signs of autumn as it slowly makes way for winter, all was calm at the lake today, a few ducks swimming by and shags suning themselves perched on overhanging branches.

Mum and I took some time out from our packing, did a few groceries, had a cuppa and a little wander - it was another calm fresh autumn day.

Tomorrow we both fly to the North Island to our home town of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty. Mum is staying with her sister and I will stay with my cousin and her family - I'm so excited to be returning again. Some of you may remember our trip back home from last year, which will start appearing on the 'year ago' thumbnails. I think this will become a yearly event as my cousin owns a sourvenir boutique and I go up to help her stocktake as well as spending time with family - hope that volcano which is just off shore is behaving itself, don't need any earthquakes rolling through.

So I'm away again for a short time, probably not being able to comment much but hope to blip, we'll see how we go.

Keep well blippers, I'll be in touch when I can :)

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