Robin for England

Did you see the story about the Wikipedia contributor who felt compelled to correct his pet hate among grammatical errors whenever he saw it? He's changed "comprised of" to a simple comprises or "composed of" some 47,000 times. That's going some. 

I don't mean to be pedantic, but I must confess to a few niggles that irritate me every time I see them. One of them is the misuse of "in tandem", a Latin term meaning one behind the other. Simples. Except that it's often used, by sports writers in particular, when discussing pairings of footballers, playing up front, say.

This robin is a young one and a bit more timid than others I've encountered. I'll have it trained by the summer if it sticks around.

I'm settling down with a few beers for the big game, Wales v England. May the best team win. I should correct that since, I suspect Wales have the best team and I'm for England. I wonder who the Robin is supporting? This afternoon it was sitting on the fence.

After match chirrup: It's a robin so no crowing but I have to add the result for posterity: England win 16 - 21. After a strong start Wales were nowhere in the second half, and this against a team missing so many first team players. England, always strong in the forward line, have found some backs who can deliver at last.

PSS: An interesting response to having too much stuff.

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