By Madchickenwoman

Put out the bunting!

I love bunting! Sight of it always makes me feel happy! So it was a bit of serendipity that I came across this today after all the positive responses to The Birds yesterday - thank you!
Went into Plymouth to catch up with a woman I used to work with and go into the woods with at lunchtime for a chat and a smoke! We would watch the bird life, play with the dogs as they passed us on the wooden steps, and dream of a life not working! Well I now have that life and she has dropped a day - so for a monday we were ladies of leisure together! We had fish and chips on the Barbican, watched beadily by two gulls! We chatted and shopped and caught up on each others news then drove to the M&S food hall for some lovely food but alas no new knickers as they no longer have this little section!
I learnt a new word - "stuffocation" - drowning in too much stuff ! This word sooo applies to me! So I intend to devote more time in the next couple of days to reducing my "stuff" and less to my blipping! Particularly as my Out of the Shadows chandelier  is arriving thursday!!! The electrician needs access to the beam which means I have to clear a space amongst all the school resources in the room above! I'm not sure I have quite got the hang of reducing my stuffocation? I just had to add to my stuff to force myself to clear my stuff - bit of an oxymoron?

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