The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Thick As A Brick II

Oh look he was just too cute not to blip again!

This Robin fledgling was the star of yesterdays blip! He was back out there this morning, digging around for worms and picking at seeds. He is still not straying far from the hedgerow, and there is a parent bird keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

It's been a glorious day here in South Wales, but I have been hard at work with the new business, I went out with Dawn to our client today so she could do some training with me. I must confess I quite enjoyed it. Did me good to stimulate the old grey matter! We are having our day off tomorrow and are meeting Barman down at Newport Wetlands and Goldcliff for the day.

The new RSPB Blog is up if you want to have a read.

Thick As A Brick I also featured another Robin. Mum or Dad perhaps?

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