Kotuku on Attack

Amazing sight and one I've never witnessed before!

The Kotuku caught an eel and attacked it for a good 5 minutes before the eel lost its puff. Picking the eel up the Kotuku attempted to squash it in its beak before purposely dropping it and picking it up again. It was dramatic with the Kotuku flying and jumping and the eel squirming and splashing in the mud pools, there was no noise that we could hear. Sometimes the eel was entwined round the  bill so tightly, it left mum and I wondering what would happen next.

The Kotuku is New Zealand's largest native heron, all white with a long yellow, dapper-shaped bill and black legs. It disperses throughout the country after breeding season to mainly coastal and estuarine wetlands and occasionally inland lakes and lagoons. Breeding season is at Okarito on the West Coast of the South Island.

I'm not so sure I would've wanted lunch after witnessing this, thankfully mum, walkingS, and I had already eaten.

Another lovely day with mum, lunching, grocery shopping and catching some action down at the local estuary - awesome!

I'm chuffed everyone enjoyed yesterday's sunrise, thank you for your kind thoughts, stars and hearts, it was lovely to be able to share the moment with you, hope you don't mind today's moment! :)

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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