There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Land of Glitz, Sparkle, and Shine

Atlantic City is truly the land of glitz, sparkle, and shine. Everywhere you look, there is light and reflection. What a boon for the photographer! It was just mesmerizing . . .

This is one of the shiny columns at a brand new casino, Revel, which is scheduled to open on the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend.

When I saw the wonderful reflections in it, I set up shop for a few minutes with my camera in an unobtrusive spot and just snapped and snapped away. You could consider this a self-portrait of sorts: that's me in a tan shirt about the same color as that tan canopy - standing just where the right edge of the canopy comes down to meet the stone wall.

My sister who accompanied me on my Atlantic City adventure was sitting on a bench nearby, watching my obsession with some level of amusement and interest.

Although I used the same column, every photo turned out different because of the diversity of the people parading past, the way they walked, the color of their clothes.

I could barely tear myself away, but there was so much more to see and do on the first of our two days in Atlantic City . . .

Having lunch at the Irish Pub (fish and chips for me, and the thickest, meatiest corned beef sandwich I've ever seen for my sister; all this as Neil Diamond's greatest hits played in the background)

Walking the wooden platforms out to the beach

Buying silly little things at the many 99-cent and dollar stores

People watching (you wouldn't believe the high-heeled shoes some of the ladies wore on the boardwalk and beach!)

Playing the slot machines at the casinos

Looking longingly at the Steel Pier amusements (closed for renovations; somehow we are never there when they are actually open, but someday I would love to ride a Ferris wheel on a pier looking out over the ocean)

Visiting the Absecon Lighthouse at the top end of the boardwalk, a few-minute walk from where I took this photo

Eating pizza purchased from a cart along the pier

Visiting the much-coveted mermaid table at one of the fancy shops on the boardwalk (no, I can never afford her, but someday . . . if I win big, mermaid table, you shall be mine!)

Walking into a restaurant/pub on the boardwalk that had papered every inch of the walls, tables, and chairs with signed one-dollar bills

Enjoying the ultra-sparkly chandeliers in the casinos

Watching the evening mist and fog roll in, obscuring the tops of buildings and making everything look lovely and mysterious . . .

And just generally having a wonderful time! :-)

Tune in for tomorrow's blip to see/read about the adventures we had on the second day of our Atlantic City trip!

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