By Veronica

Obligatory tram blip

Yesterday's rainbow is backblipped.

You can't spend a week in Lisbon and not blip a tram. It's harder than you might think to catch the right angle, the right light, the right background. I've been trying for days. This is not perfect by any means, but it's the iconic Tram 28 (which we seem to use at least once a day) and at least I got a kid hanging off the outside!

Today we once more attempted the National Tile Museum. A long trek on the bus deposited us apparently in the middle of nowhere. After trudging for a while we were about to retire defeated a second time, but S asked a man poking about under the bonnet of a car who assured us it was only 50 metres away. Or maybe 15 minutes.  Anyway, we found it. Was it worth the detour? Not really, after all you can see tiles all over the place in Lisbon. Here's a sample -- I much prefer the abstract designs to the countless bucolic scenes.

We'd had enough of buses by now, so outside the museum S hailed a taxi which whizzed us right across town in 10 minutes for 10 euros. Result! We had lunch at the Mercado da Ribeira, a rather blandly corporate food court in half of what was formerly a huge wholesale market. It's the same idea as the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, but it's managed by Time Out magazine and all the stalls are kitted out in the same black and white livery. The idea is to buy your food and wine at any of the food outlets, from sushi to pizza depending on your taste, and then eat at the long tables in the central space. We had very Portuguese hamburger and chips :)

By this time we were all touristed out. We walked along the river to the Praça do Comercio, caught the 28 tram yet again, and vegged out in the apartment for the rest of the afternoon. A vague plan to go out to a bar and listen to some fado somehow morphed into home-cooked mushroom omelette, a glass of wine, and further sofa lounging. I find a holiday in a city makes you feel you have to be out doing stuff all the time, but holidays are about having a rest too!

Apologies for being behind with comments, I'll catch up when I'm back home.

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