Shrove Tuesday!

Ok, so it's not a pancake, but my pancakes really didn't merit blipping! Fortunately I'd attempted some frosty shots in the garden this morning, so a standby shot it is!!

After a hard frost, a gorgeous sunny day and a walk through the park to book club this morning, followed by an afternoon in the garden catching up on jobs, including putting up a nesting box, hope I haven't left it too late. It was even warm and sunny enough to tempt a radiator-hugging Toffee outside!

"Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday… Shrove Tuesday is traditionally a day for fun, feasting and pranks. For centuries cockfighting, football games, truancy and general randiness were common...

Nowadays, Shrove Tuesday is predominantly a day for making pancakes. This was originally intended to use up eggs and butter in the house before Lent began, but fasting for Lent is rarely practised now. Many traditions involving the making - and tossing - of pancakes are still held all over Britain. Pancake races, often in fancy dress, are very popular."

From Cattern Cakes and Lace by Julia Jones and Barbara Deer

I had lashings of Golden Syrup on my pancake, I wonder what you had on yours? Happy Pancake Day to you all!!

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