Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

Ghost Tree Under the Stars, Blandswood

With another dark sky night beckoning, I didn't venture too far from home tonight, instead walking downstream to a location I've scoped previously when walking the dogs. Just as in the daytime, I was not alone tonight either, as I put the flouro jacket on Zoey (so I can locate her should she decide to investigate possums) to keep me company out there in the dark of the forest.

This dead totara stands in the middle of the Kowhai stream's flood fan, an area that is only underwater when the rains on Little Mount Peel are such that the stream rises. The totara is a knarly one, with epiphytes hanging from it's lifeless limbs like cobwebs.

I always thought this would make a great star blip, and whilst the stars are indeed out on this shot, I'm looking forward to revisiting and capturing the arch of the Milky Way's galactic central core over the trees in a couple of months, when I don't need to stay up quite so late!

Talking of night shots, thanks to all those commented, starred and favourited yesterday's twilight shot over the Rangitata. Your kind sentiments were much appreciated

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