Mail to Messy

By Horomaka

Red Deer at Sunset, Arundel

It's been another gorgeous evening here in South Canterbury, with dramatic clouds hovering over the foothills. With so much action, it's difficult trying to narrow down what to capture, but when passing this paddock of deer with the golden light behind, this had to be the one.

We were a bit late getting home tonight from our trip to Timaru as we stopped to see The Theory of Everything at the quaint Geraldine Cinema. As someone interested in the Universe and our place in it (you may have noted from my star blips!) I thought the story of Stephen Hawking was beautifully told and superbly portrayed by Eddie Redmayne. Worthy winner of all those gongs and accolades I reckon, here's hoping he picks up the Oscar.

I did find it ironic watching a movie about one of the greatest cosmologists and theoretical physicists of our time in the Geraldine Cinema - it's a place in which space-time seems to have frozen and reminded me of picture theatres of my youth, before multiplexes and malls ruled the day. Dare I say it, the ticket price certainly wasn't what I'm used to paying in 2015 either, which was a pleasant surprise too!

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