Cathedral Explorer

Honest, I am NOT a trainspotter.

Realised that, on the way home from a rather hot and sticky badminton session, there was yet another stream train heading along the line to Stirling this evening (never see a steam train for years, then two come along within a month of each other). The big clue was the crowds of photographers packed on the old Kincardine bridge with their camera pointed east along the railway. I turned off a bit further down the line and managed to get a spot where there was just me and a man and his dog. I then managed to drive a few miles down the road and caught it again, along with another few dozen enthusiasts.

I drove yet further along, catching and passing it once more and nabbed this shot as the train headed off between Alloa and Stirling. Normally it's a grumpy crowd that sit waiting the few minutes for the trains to go past at the Cambus crossing (me included), but tonight they jumped out of their cars, shouted 'It's a steam train!" and waved as the Cathedral Explorer trundled slowly on through.

There's just something nice about old tech like this.

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