Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

With apologies

I apologize to anyone who may be upset by this image...but those of you who follow my journal know that I like to capture wild things doing what they do.  In this case, an American alligator eating what I believe is a Coot.  It happened very fast - the gator lunged out of the grass, grabbed the bird, and submerged.  Moments later, up he came, rearing out of the water with his prize.  I was a safe distance away, above him, snapping as fast as I could while hubs "encouraged" me to get in the car!  This is the kind of moment everyone who photographs wildlife lives for.  No way I could pass up blipping it.

Photo taken late day at Viera Wetlands, FL.

I will post some other shots on Flickr when we get back home.  Tomorrow morning, we'll meet up with Wade at the wetlands.  There is a frost warning tonight with morning temps forecast for 36 F we will be bundled up, but ready for anything.

Other highlights today included my first-ever sighting of a Crested Caracara - it flew right over the highway in front of us, and no chance to get a photo; and a whole bunch of Avocets, which I did manage to photograph!  A great day and lots of fun.  

We are chilln' tonight at the La Quinta in Melbourne, FL.  Back home tomorrow afternoon.

Cheers...and don't let the gators get ya!


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