bikes #8

Beautiful light and shadows.

Today it was a really difficult decision. I had a couple of picture of unusual bikes and then I had this one that I really liked just because of the light and shadows. I don't know why, I just decided to go for this one.

Work was quiet because the weather in Edinburgh was lovely and people made the wise decision to stay outside.

A bit of a late blip because I got distracted on my way home from work by two things: First, I bumped into my German friend, the street performer who stands in the Royal Mile as the King statue, who asked me if I wanted to join him for a coffee. As I'm always rushed and I never have time for anything, I thought that this time I would take it easy and make the time for it, so I went for a coffee with him. He seems to be doing well in spite of the blood clot which is preventing oxigen getting into his brain and affecting his general health. I'm glad I made time to speak to him. Then a friend of mine texted me saying that he and some friends were having a barbecue in the Meadows, so I decided to join them. I went to a shop for a bottle of wine and a few minutes later I was sitting in the Meadows with them enjoying some nice food, wine, a good chat and a lovely and relaxing atmosphere in the Meadows. The place was heaving with people, some with funny hats, smoke from lots of barbecues and guitar music. However, around nine I decided to head home, because it had been a long day and I was feeling tired.

So here I am. I'm off tomorrow and Friday and, according to the weather forecast, the weather will be lovely both days! Aren't I lucky? :)

Planning to have a long lie in bed tomorrow morning, go to the gym early, buy the ingredients for a chocolate cake I'm making next week and then enjoy the nice weather. Portobello??? :)

Thanks very much for all your comments! I hope you all had a lovely day! :)

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