Happy Year of the '羊 (Yáng)'

Yep, that's what I used in my slides at the Culture Talks. The first session was on Wed and it went well. Today there were only a few registrants but one cancelled due to sickness and the other two re-scheduled. 

Before scheduling I wanted to challenge the tradition that Queen's students and staff don't show interest in Friday events on campus. I did but was almost beaten. Two students turned up without registration only after I cancelled one slot but they could not make the next slot. Two colleagues at the office downstairs became my saviours and I happily gave a condensed talk to them during their short lunch break.

Now feel relaxed, hoping for more audience to show up next week. Happy Year of the '羊 (Yáng)' and the weekend to everyone here again. Thanks for your interest and support all the time!

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