Capturing my Journey

By healingdoglady

Shower, Rainbow and Pip

After feeding I have spent most of my day catching up on housework or as I like to call it mucking out the house. Looking a bit tidier now. Think the dogs are moulting there is a lot more fur than usual lost count of the amount of times I had to empty the hoover. Then in the afternoon I have been busy baking. Got a phone call from my parents to say they are coming down for the day tomorrow, mum for a visit and dad to put the wood surround on the fireplace. So glad I had time to tidy and bake today!!

Amusing moment today was watching one of my hoggs (last years lambs) following a Canada goose around the field!! The grass must be coming up as there has been a sudden influx of geese on the fields.

5c with 10mph W wind bringing in hail/rain showers with sunny spells between. 20mm of rain since Wednesday morning.

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