Semi Supine

The alexander instructor set me the challenge last night to take picture of myself in the supine position somewhere different than the sitting room floor. Due to it being so wet on the ground on the hill i decided the hay bales would do. Love Dris's face in this!

"Constructive rest, sometimes known as "active rest", "semi-supine" or the "Alexander lying-down position" is an extremely effective self-help tool for Alexander Technique students, and for anyone else who wants a simple, practical way of releasing excess tension from their body."
I need to do this for 17minutes everyday especially after hard physical graft. Had a lot of release in my upper body today which was fantastic. In my private session we did a bit inside then we worked on how I walked. I tell you now I know how to walk better I can move a lot more freely! So much to think about all the time but sooo good!

Had a great chat with the local vet physio about me being a canine behaviourist and she was on board and would hand out business cards to people that need it and things so its great to have her on board. All in all a good day apart from the screw in the tyre of the buggy. Its a slow puncture so hopefully get away with using it tomorrow then take it to the garage on Monday when they will be open.

8c 15mph W heavy rain/hail showers.

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