Moss learning to be a farm dog and riding in the buggy today. Morning feeding then straight to a lecture given by a veterinary physiotherapist all about injuries and preventing them. Incredibly in depth with a lot to take in at once but very interesting. I had got very nervous about it as i decided to tell the dog trainer who was hosting it that im setting up competition maybe hopefully! Only really wanted to tell her as i do know her and my parents so seemed rude not to give her a heads up. 

Had to make finishing touches to the cottages then walk the dogs and suddenly my mum and the alexander lady was here. Spent the evening witg tgem including working on relaxing and letting go. Very good. By the way where in your mouth is your tongue?  If its on the roof of your mouth you need to bring it down. You cant breathe properly with it up there plus its tense! Its really hard to remember to keep it down plus it makes me yawn alot releasing the tension and oxygenating the brain. The lady says i need a good couple of sessions to try to sort my problems. Even the relaxation supine pose hurts me! Going to be an interesting and hopefully helpful weekend. Will try for better picture tomorrow, life got in the way today and i only took the photo of moss to show his owner of him being a farm dog!

10c wet and windy

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