Arnside and beyond

By gladders


This was an out of the car window blip, looking across the pier, as I was willing the sun to make a reappearance.  It's never long before someone appears to take a photograph, and helpfully to add a bit of human interest.

There was a huge tide at lunchtime, 10.9 metres - we don't get many of those in a year, and it takes a long time for the estuary to empty out into the Bay.  I was with Sue and the collies on the Helm, and that 10+ mile distance from the Kent estuary, it looked like the sea wall on the north side had been overtopped.

It made for a very muddy walk along the estuary with Gus after this photograph was taken.  For once we came back on the road from New Barns to avoid muddy paws and bellies in the back of the car.  We were back at the car at 1745, and it was still light!

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