Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Dust Storm Day 2

Gosh, not much improvement since yesterday, except there was a marked drop in temperature by late afternoon. Very welcome that is; in fact, these two days could be bearable looking at the forecast for the next few days - predicting that the temperature will be back to normal for the time of the year.

I had to wake up like on a work day as my car needed to be taken in to Volvo to have the front brake discs skimmed. I was told that it would be handed back by lunch time so G & I hung around nearby Festival City checking things out. Found out at 11:30 I would get the car back till 3pm so we just came back home. This picture is taken just coming off Business Bay Bridge. I think the visibility is 100 metres and it might last till Monday!

The other big news has been of a fire in a tall tower block on the other side of town. It's made the world news for some reason. Perhaps because it is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world? Glad there weren't any fatalities though. Ironically, the building is called Torch Tower! That's it from me... Back to work tomorrow.

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