Let Us Prey

I braved the biting wind at Lodge Farm this morning hoping to see hares and to better my skylark pic. As I tried to photograph the skylarks my eyes were streaming with the cold. I equalled the pic I took the other day.

I shot the Epping Green deer crew and as I returned to the car got an image of crows harrying a buzzard. Sadly no hares.

After lunch I went to Amwell Nature Reserve and could hear the mewing of a buzzard as soon as I got out of the car. It too was being worried by a crow.

I heard a commotion and this time it was a red kite in combat with a crow. I haven't seen kites in this area before.

At 4:00 Barny appeared. The light was brilliant. Such a shame I wasn't poised to capture him. :(

I was in the White Hide and suddenly the peewits took to the air en masse vee-veeting. A different black and white bird peeled off from the flock bleeping. It was an oystercatcher being pursued by a sparrowhawk.

A good day for birds of prey and for crows. My crow looks like it has flown into a Seurat painting. :)

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