By dailyphoto365

Bananananananana Cake

Work kindly provides fresh fruit every day to us. Last week there was an over abundance of banana's that didn't get eaten.

The rain continues and it has made me feel really lazy today. Although Ive cleaned the silver, hovered, grocery shopped, sent my natex prints and finished the end of a DVD. Watched the "Most Exotic Marigold Hotel" again, as the sequal is out next week and the original is a blast.

And now I have baked, a good old trusty edmonds cook book banana cake. Which the smell of through the house is lovely. The cake will go to work tomorrow.

Four years today since the major live changing earthquakes in Christchurch started.  Not quite sure where that time has gone.

What to do next, me thinks a cup of tea and a wee read of my book, as I listen to the rain.

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