End of the Meeting

I went to Smethwick Photographic Society today for the AGM of the RPS DiGIT group, of which I am a new member.

Weather conditions for driving were appalling with wet snow and huge amounts of spray. It wasn't really any better coming back.

As a result, a 55 minute journey took me one and a half hours, so I arrived as everyone was admiring the prints in the annual exhibition and just before the presentation of awards.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk by Adrian Lines on how he produces his 'altered reality' images in Photoshop. His is not a dark craft. He was open about the techniques he uses, and I was astonished at how easy it is. Mind you, I didn't envy him having to place each of the red snappers he used for one of his photos. That must have taken ages.

The best thing was meeting Margaret and Maurice Ford, who I know from T189 days. Maurice is now a committee member on DiGIT. We returned to the Holiday Inn Express round the corner for a good chinwag on all things photographic. Had to tear myself away in the end to drive home. It was really  murky driving after dark but Len had cooked dinner which was so welcome.

This is a view of Bob's Bar at SPS at the end of the meeting. I'd forgotten to take photos of the exhibition earlier.

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