Derelict 500

Well, today I have achieved 500 blips and not likely to stop as far as I can see.  It has become a focus of my day and a definite reason to pick up the camera.  Most days my blip provides a specific purpose of topic or theme. I always endeavour to make my blip true to my journal - it needs to record something significant to me.  I hope I always achieve the best image I can with the circumstances and time available.

Today's milestone occurs while I come to the end of my time in Australia. It also needs to fit with Derelict Thursday.

I made a second attempt today to get onto French Island where there is a good chance of seeing a koala in the wild,  Unfortunately the ferries are still out of action and so, despite more koala spotting where I could, I fear that on this trip I am not going to see a wild koala!

I did, however, have a lovely long walk around the bay at Mornington 
(NOT Crescent  ......UK readers!) where there are stunning views and wonderful beach huts decorated in strong colours.  I managed to find a beach hut looking a bit on the derelict side and have combined this with the Australian dollars to create a 500 (sort of).

Now to fit in various bits and pieces into my last couple of days.

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