Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


It's that time again! G needs to do a visa run. We reckon it could be done next Friday, but this weekend was just as good, so after the morning service, lunch with Miriam and a little nap, we headed out around 5:30pm. Later than normal to do this, but it was a really good decision as there was still enough light to take pictures from a [fast] moving car, and the road and border were pretty clear. All done in just 4 hours! We even gave a ride to a stranger from the Omani border to a petrol station 20km down the road on the way back. Turned out to be the place we stop at anyway to fill up with cheap Omani petrol.

My blip is of the desert trying to eat up the road!! It looks particularly bad here because of the sandstorms we had. I guess a highway maintenance vehicle goes along and reclaims the hard shoulder! It looks like it hasn't been done for a week though. I do like the red sand we see on this stretch.

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