Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Crazy day

It has been quite a day and I'm not sure how to report it!

Yesterday, I had a message from my elder sister (in Lahore) that she was going to have a small op. It was right out of the blue. I wasn't aware at all something was wrong that she should need an op. Anyway, it turns out, her little procedure got scheduled to 8am this morning...

G had to go to the other side of town as the children's church group (Awana) she helps with on Thursday evenings were having a fun day. She wanted me to go along to help, but as I'd already heard it was out in a field in the (er) sun, I declined! I did drop her off though.

Went on to see about meeting up with friend Marja but couldn't get in touch with her at all. She didn't respond to any messages or calls. I got quite worried!

Somewhere amidst all of this, I managed to read a message from my younger sister in HK who said she woke up with one side of her face not functioning properly. She sent a link to describe the condition. By the time I'd read her message, she had already seen one doctor and was on her way to seeing another.

Needless to say, I was pretty gutted. Both my sisters quite unwell, thousands of miles away. Good thing we've all got very strong faiths, so will get through this, but it does make you stop and take stock.

Picked up G from her Awana jolly and had a quick lunch and ice cream :D and home for the rest of the day. It's been a restful weekend - something really needed, but also a fairly taxing one. Hope yours is off to a good start. :)

My blip is of Wafi's window looking out towards Burj Khalifa, taken on my phone, hence the crooked lines. You can see the crane which is part of the new roadworks project.

Oh, and as for Marja... she finally phoned back. She'd been working on a presentation all of yesterday and right through the night. She only went to bed at 6am! What a relief!

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