The Narcissus

are shooting up, leaving this one behind :)

Not a great photograph but one of the few I took today.  I was rather fed up to go out at lunchtime (whilst on the course) and see a jay collecting nesting material....went to the car to take the camera out and it flew off...  Missed opportunity!

Have had a lovely day catching up with old friends on the Theology course today.  The subject was Multicultural Church and far from being boring we had a fantastic speaker who really knew her subject.  We had some great discussions!

Came home with lots of information and now I have to write notes up and then write an assignment :)

After the course finished I went to Staples to photocopy my forms for the union.  I was rather surprised at the cost £9.14!!!  Anyway, job done and its all ready to post at last...

Came home to take my first ever jacket potato cooked in the slow cooker out.  To my horror, it was a funny colour and tasted peculiar too.  What did I do wrong I wonder?

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments., stars and hearts yesterday.  I have been much calmer (no tears) today and enjoyed myself :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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