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Definitely Don't Get This With A Download

A day of music today, and in very different contexts.

I went to a funeral lunch time, the third this year. It was a member of Llantrisant Bowls Club. Like Geoff's funeral last week there was a big turnout.

What was quite incredible today was the singing. There were several choir members in attendance, and they give it some gusto. It made the hairs stand up on the back of your next, especially as they were two great hymns to blast out. We had "how great thou art" and "Cwm Rhondda". We raised the roof of Coity Crem when we got the Bread of Heaven bit.

I went straight into Cardiff after the service as I had a few things to pick up including the Steven Wilson CD, which I have really been looking forward to hearing.

I of course picked it up from my favourite record store in the entire world, Spillers Records.

Now I could have bought it on digital download and had it on Saturday (I could have picked it up from Spillers on Saturday), but then I wouldn't have actually socialised with real people.

Even more so I wouldn't have had a coconut macaroon or a free poster or generally chatted music with Ash (waving) .. stick that up your iStore!

I've been buying albums at Spillers an awful long time now .. I really hope I will buying them there for awfully long time to come too. Get out there ... support your local record store. I still rip them to iTunes, but I have something tangible to hold .. to read .. to investigate. You don't get that in a download do you!

I'm now going to go downstairs and finally listen to a genius at work ...

PS .. The coconut macaroon was lovely Ash! ;o)

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