a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Mono Monday - Moving on up

This is taken on my  iPhone at the Colstpn Colston Hall in Bristol. Further details to follow when I have some reading glasses available!


A while ago I ended up with getting some pucker (i.e. expensive) reading/screen viewing glasses about 6 months ago.  Since getting them I have found myself increasingly reliant upon them, and my eyes have definitely got lazier as a result. Which means that I cannot easily read the screen on my phone without glasses.  

Unfortunately, I managed to chip one of the lenses in my expensive reading/screen viewing glasses the other day.  Accordingly, I am currently having to make do without them, while the optician replaces one of the lenses.  I have some cheap easy readers so I can get by, but only if I remember to take them with me... 

But enough of my failing senses, and back to the blip.  Tonight was the Australian Pink Floyd at Bristol's Colston Hall.  As Dark Side of the Moon was one of the first albums I bought once I got a paper round, Pink Floyd have always held a special place in my heart.  Now the Australian Pink Floyd are not the real thing, but they are as close as you are ever going to get nowadays, given that Rick Wright is dead and Waters and Glimour really don't get on.   

The Atrium in the Colton Hall is a fantastic light open space on several levels which makes it a great place to people watch and take photos.

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