Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


Today I went to the river with Bethan, she was due to get here at one, but due to a failing cake she had to finish, it became two, then when she missed the bus, it turned out to be 3. Though I didn't mind, because I just knew I was going to see her, and that was enough to make me smile like a foolish child.

I spent the morning helping mum clean, counting hours till I got to see her, and then I watched some Lip Service reruns, and then bounded out of my front door on my way to meet her from the bus. I listened to happy songs and literally skipped up the street to the bus stop.

She arrived, and I kissed her mid speech, and pointed the way we were going while she took her jacket off. We arrived at the river and waded through long grass and I took her jacket and put it in my bag, and we sat down, on a blanket, lying there giggling at literally everything and anything, we get on strangely well, i've never met any other girl who could make me feel the way Bethan does.

We moved around a bit because children were splashing about and we wanted some quiet, so we eventually found ourselves sat up high on the rock I always used to go to, and we sat talking, and I put suncream on her smooth little legs, and we giggled some more.

Then I got my camera out and got a good few cute shots, but this was my favourite because you can see her beautiful eyes and her adorable freckles! She's made mistakes, and so have I, but I think she's perfect, every second spent with her when we're alone is interesting and funny and wonderful, and I don't think anyone could change that.

We didn't end up going to mine at all as it worked out, but I couldn't have asked for a nicer afternoon, and when she nearly missed the bus we ran like idiots to the stop, after talking to the bus driver who said he's drive round again, I kissed her and told her to have fun, and she smiled and waved to me, then I shouted "I love you!" as loud as I could to her, and she replied "I love you too!" With a huge grin on her face, I think half the bus heard, but we don't care.

We were doing 'what would you do if' questions, and I realized some things about our relationship, and I really can't see us being apart any day soon, first antidepressant tonight, ironic, because tonight I am happier than I have been in a year.

Being in love is so complex, but in reality, it has the potential to be so wonderfully simple.


When we first met we were so naive.
didn't know anything about love
So we paid our dues,
acting like silly fools.
Playing make believe, in the sun.
I love you Bethan. Thankyou for being mine.

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