horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

A Spidery Nest

"I've found your blip if you've got your macro lens," says Mel. I trundle behind wondering what might be on offer and a minute later I've got the lensbaby on with the macro rings snapping away.

Day started with a ride out to Musselburgh, with Eider and Goosander chicks, as well as the Fox Bank cubs playing (but in really deep undergrowth, the pics hardly worth having). The planned walk was postponed to tomorrow, and instead the garden was seen to and here was time for another short ride, before sitting under the newly erected gazebo to... well... write this.

Time to fire up the barbie...

(oh, and tried conversation tonight with the folk who have recently moved in across the road. That didn't go... Well it just didn't go. She said nary a word to me, he shook my proffered hand but didn't even give up an initial let alone his name. Ah well, I've tried. I wonder when we have a word about then continually parking across our driveway and their visitors continually parking across our driveway... Fun and games...)

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