Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Bradford-On-Avon Canal

The daughter is going on a 10 day drive in a VW Transporter van with a couple of friends shortly, and visiting four ski resorts in Southern France. She wanted her snowboard and gear, which I've been storing for the last couple of years, so rather than her pay to have it couriered, I offered to drop it at her mums in Frome, Somerset. It was foggy all the way of the 80 minute drive. 

My uncle and aunt have just moved to Rode, which isn't far away. A surprise visit failed as they were out, so by 12.30pm I was on the way home. Not far from their house, is the quaint village of Bradford-On-Avon which seemed to have a micro-climate as it was sunny and the canal was so inviting I stopped and grabbed a couple of pics.

Shortly after continuing my journey the red battery light illuminated. A mile before home the power steering failed. I 'limped' the last mile to the driveway. More cost I expect. Hopefully it'll just be the battery or, if I'm unlucky, the alternator! My mechanic friend will diagnose tomorrow afternoon. The battery is on charge.

The unusual portrait angle of the blip photo is due to wanting the lovely glare off the canal and not being able in landscape mode. The Fuji worked overtime at F2 and 1/32000 sec shutter speed. (In my haste to get the shot I forgot to adjust the F stop down.)

Bradford-On-Avon is a town in west Wiltshire with a population of 9,402 at the 2011 census. The town's canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists. The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins. It has several buildings dating to the 17th century, when the town grew due to the thriving English woollen textile industry.

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